Celebrating Black History Month

We have been learning about Black History Month, Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela! We also discussed inspirational people such as Denzil Washington, Beyoncé, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Martin Luther King We took part in Year 4’s Chitty Chatty Show where discussed whether Muhammad Ali was an inspirational person or not! In Maths we haveContinue reading “Celebrating Black History Month”

Fantastic week 6 in Amber

This week we have been learning: Learning about organisms, their environment and what would happen if their habitats were destroyed. Learning about the bar model and box method in Maths. Learning about adverbials, conjunctions, paragraphs and expanded noun phrases. Learning about leaflets. Learning how to plan a route in Geography. Learning about bird’s eye view. LearningContinue reading “Fantastic week 6 in Amber”

The Attractive Winter Gardens

The Attractive Winter Gardens The attractive Winter Gardens It had beautiful, bright flowers The Winter Gardens were beautiful And the trees waved me in! The attractive Winter Gardens The elephants were colourful The elephants quietly sneaked off And the windows were as shiny as Big Ben! The attractive Winter Gardens The leaves were as greenContinue reading “The Attractive Winter Gardens”


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