Problem of the month – June


Test your mathematic skills with these problems below. Don’t forget to share your answers and findings with us by leaving a reply.

Good Luck!

EYFS Problem

What maths can you see? Complete these sentences to help you get started.

I can see … ducks.

There are … mice.

There are … flowers altogether.

Think about, what is the same and what is different in each picture?

KS1 Problem

Using these digit cards, what is the largest even number you can make? You can only use each digit card once! What is the largest odd number you can make? What is the smallest even number? What is the smallest odd number?

KS2 Problems

Which one will you pick? Or are you up to both challenges?


Take this arrangement and with the following moves:

  • Move 2 matches to make 7 squares
    • Remove 2 matches and leave 2 squares

    • Move 3 matches…

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