Fairtrade fortnight – P4C

In our Literacy this week, we have been looking at Fairtrade to link to Fairtrade fortnight. To being this learning, we all participated in a Philosophy for Children lesson to discuss and share our ideas about some of the issues linked to Fairtrade.  They were given this photo as a stimulus:

Image result for sierra leone poverty

From this, the class came up with all sorts of philosophical questions to discuss. These included ‘Should poverty ever be allowed?’, ‘Is stealing ever okay?’ and ‘What do we think we need for a happy life?’

We settled on ‘Is it okay to be rich?’ This generated lots of fantastic debate about whether it is fair that some people live lives of luxury when others can’t even afford basic necessities in life.

There were plenty of different ideas, and by then end people were still divided on their opinions. There were suggestions like ‘It is okay because people who are rich shouldn’t have their money taken away from them and a lot of them donate to charity anyway.’ and ‘It is sometimes okay if the rich people are responsible with their money.’

It was a pleasure teaching the lesson and hearing all the different ideas, we have an amazing group of conscientious thinkers in Amber class!

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