Victorian Classroom

Petrified, anxious, intimidated- we all lined up to meet our new Victorian teacher. Wow, she was different to the teachers at Prince Edward and was so strict from the start. We were all dressed up, in character and ready to complete a morning at Victorian school.

Meeting our teacher and lining up

When we first met our teacher, she had us lined up in boys’ and girls’ lines, as boys are way more important than girls. We then chanted several lines, for example ‘no labour no bread’ to make sure we understood what our future would be like. The teacher introduced herself and checked that we were all stood nicely and dressed appropriately. She then picked her monitors, which were her ‘favourite’ children as they were well mannered and well dressed.

Dressing Up

We all received a roll to play for the day. We no longer had our names, we were called a new name and had a whole new family background. As an extra touch, we all dressed like Victorians would have dressed.

Entering the Classroom

We were then allowed to enter the classroom, in which we had a sensible and well mannered boy to hold the door. As we entered we had to bow and curtsey to the adults and the door monitor, and pay for school because school wasn’t free in the Victorian times. Miss Sharp then seated us, boys on one side and girls on the other. She then checked that we were all clean and ready to learn. Unfortunately, two of the class were not clean and had to wash their hands in some dirty water with a spider…ew.


We then took part in some typical Victorian lessons. We completed handwriting, drawing, sewing and name writing.

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Naughty Children

Along the way we had a few naughty children, or Miss Sharp saw them as naughty children. We had a child that fidgeted, someone that needed the toilet, someone who threw a book and received the cane (all acting) and someone who deserved the dunce cap.

Victorian Play Time

During the day the children got to experience a real life Victorian play time. They played with the same toys Victorian’s would have played with and enjoyed the different atmosphere.

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Afternoon Activities

We finished off the day with three different activities on a carousel. We rotated around the jobs that would have been done in the house, typical Victorian handwriting and playing with typical Victorian toys.

What a fantastic day we have had between us. It was a pleasure to take you to the Victorian classroom, you represented Prince beautifully.


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