Outdoor Learning and Forest Schools

Today Amber class had the privilege of taking part in their first outdoor learning session. Despite the weather being against us, we had a whale of a time and the kids took to it like ducks to water (pun intended). We began by playing dragons on the yard to warm ourselves up, in which children were either being tug by the dragon or running away from them. Well done to the two pupils, who after three rounds, hadn’t been tug once. Great work!


Team Building

We then headed up to the secret garden and completed some team building exercises. As a class, we were challenged to cross the ‘shark infested waters’ using only six mini sections of carpets. After some great whole class discussion we decided we needed around five people on each piece of carpet, and would pass forward the back piece and travel forward using this technique. The whole class communicated really well and helped each other hugely throughout the challenge to make it to the other side. In addition to this, we had to complete a conga which we weren’t allowed to break. This made the back of the line speak to the front of the line throughout to speed up or slow down.



Den Building

After the conga, we decided as a class that it was so wet we wanted to build dens to shelter from the rain. The lady was astonished with what we all managed to come up with saying that she couldn’t believe how quickly we had managed to pop up a tent! Some of them were amazing and even had room for me to shelter in, thanks guys!


What a great day we had out there day, I am already excited for next Monday’s session. Don’t forget to dress sensibly next week for those people who were cold this week.

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