Star swimmers

Wow well done to Chloe and Ronnie who have BOTH improved so much! Their instructors are super impressed. It is getting more and more difficult to choose a winner as everyone is getting so brilliant at swimming!

Times table competition winners!


This week was a really close one, it was a tie all the way through until the very final round when Amber just managed to get ahead. It is so lovely to see how much Amber and Jade class have improved on their times tables. The trophy is now proudly displayed in our class room. Well done to all the children involved, it was a superb performance from Jade class too!

Times Tables Quiz Show

Congratulations to Jade Class who were the worthy winners of this week’s Times Tables Quiz Show Competition! The score was VERY close (28-29 to Jade) but Amber Class are determined to win back that trophy next time.

Thanks again to Mr Sieczkarek, our Game Show Host, and Miss Steer, who kept score.



Smelly, rotten science experiment!

Last week Amber class planned a science investigation about teeth. We have been learning about our teeth and tooth decay. We left eggs for a whole week in 5 liquids. We used coke, vinegar, water, milk and juice and wanted to find out which would cause the least damage to the egg. Today we made a table about the results.

Rotten, horrible, smelly – the egg in the milk was definitely the worst smell. The milk had gone off however it didn’t do much the damage to the egg. Interestingly, the least damage was definitely water. Together, we decided this was because it has no sugar in it. In conclusion, we discussed that we would drink less fizzy drinks and juice.IMG_2955

Tricky week in maths!

This week the children in Amber have been converting measurements! We focused on cm and mm. This is a tricky skill but amazingly they have done a fantastic job. Check out Thursday’s lesson where we measured the length of different body parts!body parts.JPG

The Crazy Creature!

Year 4 have been so lucky – we get to take part in a competition with a chance to win prizes for the school and ourselves! We have to write a mini saga which has only 100 words! So far, we have only done our openers – check out the one we wrote as a class!

Cruel, strict, short-tempered – Miss Hanson was the meanest teacher in the school. Every time she shouted, something goes missing. Little did she know, it was George. Cunningly, he crept out of her tidy, organised desk and waited for revenge!