Multiplication Tables Competition

Today Year Four took part in their second multiplication tables competition. After the first two rounds Jade were in the lead with pupils answering some really tricky questions. Then, Amber concentrated and worked together well as a team to be the over all winners. Go Amber, two wins in a row!

Well done Amber you are trying really well with your multiplication tables. Don’t forget, practice them at home as it could be you very soon!




Theatre Project

This year Year Four have had the opportunity to take part in a project based with Sheffield Theatres. We have had three school based workshops. The first session was based on understanding the disease dementia, the second was based on how to speak to people suffering with dementia and the third was based around understanding how dementia can affect the brain.

This week we were extremely lucky to be invited to Sheffield Theatres for a guided tour and to complete either specialist drama work shops or meet some people suffering with dementia. When we arrived we had a tour of the Crucible and the Lyceum. On both tours we saw the stage, the seating area, the behind the scenes and all the props. We were even lucky enough to have access to the costume department where we could try anything on we wanted.


Then, in the afternoon we split into two sessions. Some of us were lucky enough to have a drama workshop with an expert in which we created a full class still image. Then we used our memories to create more still images and we built on this to creating a final scene.

Some other members of Amber class went with Mrs Ainsley to meet people suffering with dementia. They chatted to the people, played games with them and even had afternoon tea! Mrs Ainsley was very impressed with everything we had learnt over out sessions and how well we interacted with the adults.




Multiplication Tables Competition

Today was the first day that Year Four took part in the multiplication tables competition! We chose, at random, four people to be the first pupils to compete for the trophy for Amber class. We warmed ourselves up by individually answering two questions. We then moved into the conferring round, where our team captain listened to everyone, then chose what we’d decided as our answer. After these two rounds, Jade class were in the lead and Amber were even move determined to win. Then, we took part in the fastest finger first and question and nominate. After some tricky questions, the results were revealed… Amber class had won by three points. What a close game.

Well done to all the pupils that took part, there was some really good thinking, co-operation and encouragement throughout the contest.

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Sheffield Trip

On Friday Y4 caught the tram to Sheffield as this term we are studying ‘Why Is Sheffield A Cool Place To Live?’. We started by visiting the three different museums in the Millenium Gallery: the Steelworks,  World War II and the Andy Ruskin exhibition, and we sketched different artefacts or photos that we liked. Then, we ate our lunch in the Winter Gardens looking at all the different plants and flowers it had to offer. After we had finished our lunch, we walked to the theatres to sketch the Crucible and the Lyceum, where by chance, we bumped into Grace, a lady we have been working with in school on a project that involves the theatres. After this, we then walked the sketch the Peace Gardens and the Cathedral. The weather was beautiful for us all day and it was lovely to be able to identify all the places we have talked about in the classroom. A great day all round!


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French Day

On Thursday the whole school took part in French Day. The whole day was themed French, from a special breakfast and a special lunch to all sessions French. The children all took part in chosen activities with different teachers across Key Stage Two. Here are some of the activities that the children took part in. The whole class thoroughly enjoyed the day and came back raring to tell me about everything they had got up to.

DTfood tastingorienteeringpe gamestour de prince

Y4 Autumn Project

This half term’s project is based on our topic in school ‘Why is Sheffield a cool place to live?’ As part of your homework this half term, we are setting you a project to design something that would persuade a family to come and visit or live in Sheffield. How you chose to persuade the family is up to you, for example you may create a 3D model of Sheffield to show off everything it has to offer, you may create a PowerPoint with some information included, or ideas like a poster, an iMovie, a newspaper, poem, an artefact or a leaflet.

As you will have created something that you will be very proud of, we are opening a Sheffield Museum for you to showcase your creations. Therefore, the project is due back Monday 22nd October so that we can showcase later that week. I am very excited to see what you produce over the half term.

Rugger Eds

Today we had a special treat from Rugger Eds who led a taster session of rugby on the muga. As a class we really enjoyed all the different activities we got to try which included the skills: communication, hand and eye co-ordination and throwing and catching. I even tried my hand at rugby today. What a treat for us.


The Victorian Classroom

Petrified, anxious, intimidated- we all lined up to meet our new Victorian teacher. Wow, she was different to the teachers at Prince Edward and was so strict from the start. We were all dressed up, in character and ready to complete a morning at Victorian school.


Meeting our teacher and lining up

When we first met our teacher she had us line up in boys and girls lines as boys are way more important than girls. We then chanted several lines, for example ‘no labour no bread’ to make sure we understood what our future would be like. The teacher introduced herself and checked that we were all stood nicely and dressed appropriately. She then picked her monitors, which were her ‘favourite’ children as they were well mannered and well dressed.


Entering the Classroom

We were then allowed to enter the classroom, in which we had a sensible and well mannered boy to hold the door. As we entered we had to bow and curtsey to the adults and the door monitor, and pay for school because school wasn’t free in the Victorian times. Miss Sharp then seated us, boys on one side and girls on the other. She then checked that we were all clean and ready to learn. Unfortunately, two of the class were not clean and had to wash their hands in some dirty water with a spider…ew.



We then took part in some typical Victorian lessons. We completed handwriting, drawing, sewing and name writing.


Naughty Children

Along the way we had a few naughty children, or Miss Sharp saw them as naughty children. We had a child that fidgeted, someone that needed the toilet, someone who threw a book and received the cane (all acting) and someone who deserved the dunce cap.


Victorian Play Time

During the day the children got to experience a real life Victorian play time. They played with the same toys Victorian’s would have played with and enjoyed the different atmosphere.


End of the day

At the end of the school day we thanked Queen Victoria for serving our country by singing the national anthem and waving the United Kingdom flag. What a different, but lovely, day we had.


Fiver Challenge Results

A huge congratulations to everyone in Amber class this week as we have all worked our socks off to complete the Fiver Challenge. After having set up out stalls just twice, we decided that we would only sell one more time as the demand for stock was too much for us to cope with! And the results are in…over all we managed to raise a grand total of…


What an amazing total! I am so proud of all the hard work everyone put in. I am already hearing some great ways we can spend the money and can’t wait to celebrate with everyone in Amber class.