Take a look at the ‘Make’ part of our design and technology project! We spent two days researching and designing different lights! We even had a brief which we had to stick to!

So far, they are looking great! Children are using cardboard boxes, bottles, tissue and paper and much more to make their lights! IMG_3560

Live Performance

On Tuesday, KS2 were invited to a live performance of Wild Things. It was great fun! Children got to sing and dance whilst the actors told the story of Max and the Wild Things. It was entertaining, funny and a great experience for KS2.IMG_3561.JPG


Wow what an eventful morning! So much team work, cooperation and determination from every child involved. Craig even commented on the lovely manners the children as a whole have at Prince Edward.

The morning was great fun! There was the egg and spoon race, sack race, sprinting and even the tug of war. Everyone tried their best and it was a really fun morning!

Victorian classroom trip!

WOW! What a day! Miss Roberts first of all just wants to say how impressed and proud she is of the behaviour of Amber Class. We were polite, kind and enthusiastic during the trip to the Victorian Classroom. Miss Sharp said that Amber class were angels!

We left early on Thursday morning and got the tram to Sheffield City Centre. When we arrived we heard the loud, sharp noise of a cane hitting the wall and a pair of heels. Suddenly, a door burst open and there stood Miss Sharp! She was dressed in all black. She carried a cane and umbrella and WAS NOT impressed we were 2 minutes late!

Amber class lined up in girls and boys, then we finally entered the class room and got dressed ready to time travel back into the past. The day was super fun. We played Victorian games, wrote with ink pens, practised writing on chalk boards and completed household jobs such as drying the laundry and sewing.

We learned how strict the Victorian teachers were! Jack got an answer wrong (role play) and had to wear the Dunce hat. Danny got the cane for answering throwing a book at Miss Sharp!!!!!

The children had a great day and loved all the activities! Since the trip we have had lots of discussion about schools 100 years ago and which they preferred. Take a look at some pictures and choose for yourself: Was School better in the Victorians times?

Times tables competition

Wow what a challenging, exciting final!!! Well done Jade and Amber for their amazing effort and resilience during the competition. You have both been superb contestants!

The final was an interesting competition with Jade class just beating Amber! Very well done!

The Balaclava Boy

Last week, we did lots of activities about morals and dilemmas. We discussed what we would do under pressure and in different moral dilemmas. We then wrote our own moral dilemma story about the Balaclava Boy. Miss Roberts was really impressed with them!

Interestingly, in science we have been investigating circuits and lighting up bulbs.

This week we have been learning about analogue clocks and telling the time.

Yohane is this week’s star of the week – well done Yohane!