Sports Day

Today Y3 and Y4 had a fabulous morning competing in Sports Day. Amber and Sapphire were teamed up representing Columbia VS Jade and Aquamarine who represented Japan. We fought with lots of determination, team spirit and resilience and we all did our best throughout. Our support towards our own team and other teams really shone through to create the best sports day Mrs Pym has seen in years. Well done to all of you!

sports day _LI.jpg

Here are some photos of our children deep in the race itself. Well done to every single one of you because we wouldn’t have been such a good time without all of you.



Final Session of Outdoor Learning

Today Y4 Amber had the pleasure of enjoying their last outdoor learning session in the sun! We have battled all weather conditions during our outdoor learning and we decided the sun was the best on yet.

Fire Lighting

Sarah told us all about fire lighting. We made a respect triangle and made sure we were the correct amount of distance away from the fire. We then ‘fluffed’ our cotton wool and used the flint and steel to produce sparks. We then had to direct the sparks into the correct place to set the cotton wool on fire.

Toasting Marshmallows

When we had created our own small fires we gathered around a larger one that Sarah had made. We sat beautifully around the edge of the fire and placed our marshmallows onto our stick ready to toast. We approached the fire and then kneeled in the ‘respect position’ and toasted our marshmallows. We loved it!

Tim Parry & Johnathan Ball Peace Project Graduation

Over the past month Y4 Amber have been completing a PSHE project called The Small Steps to Peace. This project was founded by Tim Parry’s parents after the Warrington bombings. Throughout the project we have learnt what peace means to us, how to deal with conflict in a suitable manner and have been more open about problems we have faced and how we overcame them.

Due to all this hard work, on Friday we were invited to the Peace Centre to graduate from the project to celebrate all our hard work.

We had a lovely day out. It began by listening to a PSHE story about rumours and misconceptions of people which was very eye opening! We then went on to have a ‘picnic’ style lunch and then straight after we got kitted out to graduate.

Getting Ready


The Ceremony 

The ceremony itself was lovely. We began by asking Tim Parry’s parents any questions we had about the project or the bombings themselves. Then when our names were called we stood up and had a round of applause off everyone and shook hands with Tim Parry’s dad himself. He congratulated us personally and said how well we had done.


Well done Amber class it was a beautiful day! We were even complimented by the bus driver on how well behaved we were and the Peace Centre said we were the best behaved school there! Fantastic!


Victorian Classroom Drama

As part of our topic we have been looking at what life would have been like for a Victorian child. Today we looked at what it would have been like for a child who was fortunate enough to go to school in the Victorian days. First off we discussed a typical day at school including handwriting, sums and needle work for girls or construction for boys.

We then split into groups and created a drama piece which showed how different lessons or situations would have happened in a Victorian classroom.



Science lesson:




Maths lesson:


Children who fidget:


Victorian Timeline Discussion

As part of our topic we have been learning all about the Victorians. So far we have learnt some basic facts about the Victorian children, for example the rich children paid to go to school and the poor children typically worked in factories or workhouses. We have learnt about Dr Barnardo and Lord Shaftsbury and how they were influential for the children back in Victorian times.

Now that we had some basic knowledge of Victorians, today we placed the main events on a timeline. We worked with our partners and had a good go at placing all the different times in the correct place- which is much harder than it sounds. As pairs the class worked really hard to discuss and reason as to where each event should be on the timeline.


After we had discussed our ideas, we placed the events on a specific timeline to display in the classroom. We were shocked by some of them- especially when the first Sainsbury’s was open!


Ice Skating

Excited, impatient, enthusiastic- all of Amber class waited beautifully on the hill admiring other classes ice skating building up excitement.


We then then changed out of our shoes to skates and waited patiently around the edge of the ice rink for our go.


As soon as we were allowed on the ice all of Amber class gave it their best to be like Torvill and Dean. Unfortunately, it was so much harder than it looked! Everyone gave it a good shot with lots of perseverance shown throughout. Many of Amber class began using the penguins to stand, and by the end were enjoying skating around without one.


The photo above shows how much carnage was on the ice at times. One child struggling with the penguin and ten other people either already on the floor from a nasty fall or on their way down. I also took to the ice and unfortunately it wasn’t for me.


Most importantly though, throughout the whole session there was a smile on everyone’s face and it was great to have such fun. Well done Amber class.



Outdoor Learning

This week in Outdoor Learning we had the sun on our side and had a wonderful time exploring all the different things we could find outside!

Compass Making

Today we learnt how to find the compass points in the wildlife! We first learnt to put sticks in the group to find the shadow and mark the end of it. We then used a needle, a magnet, a leaf and water. We used the magnet to stroke the needle in the same direct around 80 times, we then balanced the needle on the leaf and then waited for it to spin on the water to face north. We were all amazing at it and majority of us would survive if we were deserted in the wildlife! Go us!


Boggot Making

We made some great boggot’s in the secret garden. We worked so well with our partners to mould an alien out of clay and attach it to different trees. We added detail by using natural resources. They look fab.


Scavenger Hunt 

We began the day by searching for lots of different things, for example moss, lichen, skeleton leaves and grass. We did so well as we managed to find majority of the things on the list which Sarah said was amazing as it has been so cold recently!




New Play Area!

In Amber class we were ever so excited to receive this email off Mrs Ainsley:

“Dear all

As part of the building work on Queen Mary Road there will be a new play area installed. Jane Wratten, a landscape designer has asked us to develop some ideas. Can you please let me know if there is a child in your class who you think would be good to be involved in this process. They will need to be creative, imaginative, articulate and chatty! If you have any time this week and would like to talk to your class about their ideas then she would appreciate any ideas. She would need anything by Friday afternoon if you’d like to leave it in the studio for her. Jane has warned that the budget is fairly minimal so helter skelters and wave machines are out of the question. Just so you can keep the children on the right track and not let their imagination run too wild (unfortunately).


Mrs Ainsley”

As a class we decided to come up with persuasive speeches to persuade Jane to build all the exciting equipment want. Below is one of the points the children made during the presentation. Well done Amber class I hope Jane is as impressed as I was. IMG_5013.JPG

Magnificent Museum

This afternoon, for one afternoon only, Amber class opened its doors to the Anglo Saxon exhibit to showcase our work. Shocked, impressed, amazed- Jade class entered the museum and were in awe of what we had created. Amber class have loved doing the TASC wheel and have created some amazing artefacts.