Best Punctuality!

Congratulations to Amber class who, for Autumn term, were awarded the best punctuality in the whole of Key Stage 2! I am so proud of you! Let’s try and do it again for next term!!class photo 2.png


Monet in the Making

This week Amber class have been making calendars based on the famous artist Monet. We first studied his art work, did a wash background with powder paint and then built up the detail with small brush strokes. Well done Y4!IMG_4375IMG_4376IMG_4377IMG_4378

Christmas Party!

This week in Amber class we have been celebrating the run up to Christmas by taking part in many activities including a big Y4 party! We played games including pass the parcel, the chocolate game and musical statues. Then, we finished off by enjoying some party food listening to Christmas music.


Celebrations are in order! Well done to a member of Amber class this week who received the Pride of Prince Edward on Friday. You are a very deserving pupil of this award and are a pleasure to have in my class. Well done!IMG_4304

Castleton Residential

Last week Amber class went on a residential trip to Castleton. We began the trip by studying the local river, following a GPS to complete a trail around the village and making egg rockets to blast into the air. The next day we visited Speedwell cavern, where we went on boat down into the cave to see where miners had mined for lead. We then followed this by completing a walk around Castleton, looking at all the different features of the village. When we arrived back at the hostel, we made our own fossils and then experienced a real lead mine. After tea, we then did some gem panning where we searched through sand to find gems! On our final day, we went to Peak Cavern where we went deep into the cave and learnt all about its history.

Miss Landsborough was really impressed with the behaviour of all the students on the trip and thoroughly enjoyed every second!

Winners of the World Renowned Times Table Competition!

This week, for the first time this year, Amber class competed against Jade class in the Year Four Times Table Competition. We all headed down to the hall, where it was set out like a game show, and took our seats ready to compete. There were several rounds including the ‘plus one’ round, the ‘question or nominate round’ and the ‘what was my question’ round. Jade class put up a good fight, but overall Amber class were triumphant! Very well done to the four members of Amber class that represented us and the audience for being supportive throughout, we did ourselves proud! IMG_3975IMG_3976IMG_3977

Orienteering at Norfolk Park

Today Amber class have walked to Norfolk Park to take part in orienteering. When we arrived we met Mr Malkin who told us which direction north was, which way to direct the map and how to follow the map to reach each point. We then split off into three groups and made our way around Norfolk Park trying to find all eight points. Every group was successful in finding seven points, and the only reason we didn’t find eight was because one had been removed!